Researching other potential funders

Since Cottonwood Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant applications, you may find it useful to review the resources below to learn about other possible sources of funding for your organization:

Grants for Organizations Outside of the United States

* The Terra Viva Grants Directory at is a useful web site which contains information about many international funders and focuses on grants for agriculture, energy, environment, and natural resources in the world's developing countries.

* Another helpful resource for researching international funders is the map of US grants provided internationally over the past several years which can be accessed at the Foundation Center's web site at To use the map, click on a country to see a list of recipients in that country. Then click on a recipient to see a list of funders.

* Fundsnet Services maintains a comprehensive listing of international grantmakers.

* Another web site related to researching international grantmaking is that of EDGE Funders Alliance:

Grants for Organizations in the United States

For organizations located in the United States, you may find it helpful to visit a nearby location of the Foundation Center's Funding Information Network. Funding Information Network locations can be found in over 450 libraries, community foundations, and other nonprofit resource centers throughout the country. These locations contain useful resources related to foundations and fundraising. A listing of these locations can be found at Librarians and other resource professionals associated with these locations can sometimes provide useful advice about fundraising as well.

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