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Cottonwood Foundation awarded $8,500 in grants in 2017:

Buffalo Field Campaign (Montana): $500 - for purchasing highway flagging and safety equipment for BFC's bison crossing guards program, including costs of new reflective "Bison in Road" signs, light wands, and other equipment to make BFC's highway flagging patrols more visible, safe and effective at protecting bison along highways 191 and 287 - http://www.buffalofieldcampaign.org/

Chicken Run Rescue (Minnesota): $500 - to purchase and install predator proofing for fencing, adding netting to protect against aerial predators, and planting edible forage plants for the chickens at this Minnesota chicken sanctuary - http://www.chickenrunrescue.org/

Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (Pennsylvania): $500 - to advance legal strategies to recognize and protect the Rights of Nature, with this grant to support CELDF's legal costs in representing the Crystal Spring watershed ecosystem to defend its legal rights against fracking water - http://www.celdf.org/

Friends of Animals (Connecticut): $500 - to be used towards court costs and legal fees in a lawsuit aimed at protecting old growth forests in the Pacific Northwest and two owl species that reside there, the northern spotted owl and the barred owl - http://www.friendsofanimals.org/

Howling for Wolves (Minnesota): $500 - for printing outreach, educational and other communications materials that support Howling for Wolves' work to protect wolves - http://www.howlingforwolves.org/

Indian Land Tenure Foundation (Minnesota): $500 - to assist in the purchase and recovery of Indian Land near Bear Butte, South Dakota, one of the most sacred sites for the Plains Indians from the United States and Canada - https://www.iltf.org/

Indigenous Environmental Network (Minnesota): $500 - to create and expand an experiential learning greenspace at the Rail River Folk School in Bemidji, Minnesota that will help to demonstrate the feasibility of utilizing both indigenous and nonindigenous sustainable living technologies, with the grant used for purchase of lumber and hardware to create a tool storage shed, with attached outdoor table, sink and workspace, to be built by volunteer builders - http://www.ienearth.org/

Monarch Butterfly Fund (Minnesota): $500 - to purchase 5,000 seedlings from local community and school nurseries in Mexico, including pines and oyamels, to help reforest the buffer zones around the monarch butterfly reserve in Mexico - http://www.monarchbutterflyfund.org/

Nonhuman Rights Project (Florida): $500 - to help support case filing fees for NhRP's ongoing habeas corpus cases on behalf of Tommy and Kiko, two male chimpanzee clients who are imprisoned in cages in upstate New York - http://www.nonhumanrightsproject.org/

Our Children's Trust (Oregon): $500 - to support Our Children's Trust's work to enforce the Public Trust duty of government to protect natural resources, including the atmosphere in the context of global climate change, for the benefit of all present and future generations, with this grant supporting legal expenses associated with the production of transcripts of legal proceedings and depositions in a federal climate recovery lawsuit brought by 21 youth - http://www.ourchildrenstrust.org/

Project Coyote (California): $500 - to help produce DVD and BlueRay copies of Project Coyote's film on wildlife killing contests, their prevalence in the United States, and what can be done to stop them, as well as for entrance fees into film festivals to increase exposure of the film across the nation - http://www.projectcoyote.org/

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue (Minnesota): $500 - to purchase vaccines for rabies, feline distemper, or canine distemper to be used at neuter/spay clinics for companion animals on the White Earth or other Minnesota Indian reservations - http://www.redlakerosie.org/

Save the Chimps (Florida): $500 - to help provide daily care for the approximately 250 chimpanzees at this Florida-based sanctuary, including food, veterinary care, and enrichment items - http://www.savethechimps.org/

Southern Plains Land Trust (Colorado): $500 - to help fund land acquisition for permanent protection of 1.5 acres of Heartland Ranch, a 10,880 acre property which high biodiversity values in southeast Colorado that is home to a wide variety of wildlife- http://www.southernplains.org/

Trees, Water & People (Colorado): $500 - to help repair the aging greenhouse at the Red Cloud Renewable Energy Center's Solar Warrior Farm on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, which allows for housing more seedlings for a longer time period - http://www.treeswaterpeople.org/

The Wild Animal Sanctuary (Colorado): $500 - to support land acquisition which will expand the sanctuary which rescues and provides life-long homes for large exotic and endangered captive wild animals, and educates the public about the causes of and solutions to the world's captive wildlife crisis - http://www.wildanimalsanctuary.org/

WildEarth Guardians (New Mexico): $500 - to help fund printing and distribution to local partners of WildEarth Guardians' "Creating Prairie Dog Management Plans: A Citizens' Guide to Grassland Ecosystem Conservation" - http://www.wildearthguardians.org/

Cottonwood Foundation is now a private foundation

As of January 1, 2013, Cottonwood Foundation has become a private foundation. This transition was made to decrease the time and energy required for fundraising and extensive communication activities.

Cottonwood Foundation's current focus giving areas include community development, environmental protection, empowering indigenous people, and respect and care for animals. We are currently only awarding grants to United States-based organizations.

To research other potential funders, please visit http://cottonwoodfdn.org/howapply.html

From 1992 through 2012, Cottonwood Foundation was a public grantmaking charity. See the final annual report at http://cottonwoodfdn.org/annualrpt.html and newsletters at http://cottonwoodfdn.org/newsletter.html for an archive of the foundation's activities during those years.

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