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Cottonwood Foundation awarded $12,000 in grants in 2022

Carpenter Nature Center (Minnesota): $500 - to purchase and maintain a bench facing the St. Croix River in this nature center in memory of Elizabeth A. Miller - https://carpenternaturecenter.org

Chicken Run Rescue (Minnesota): $500 - to re-seed and re-sod the Special Needs Gardens for non-ambulatory birds, for exclusion netting as a biosecurity precaution against avian influenza, and other sanctuary related expenses - http://www.chickenrunrescue.org/

Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (Pennsylvania): $500 - to support a regional Rights of Nature campaign for the Great Lakes watershed, including facilitating networking or in person meetings - http://www.celdf.org/

Compassionate Action for Animals (Minnesota): $500 - to sponsor the 2022 Twin Cities Veg Fest which encourages people to embrace their empathy for farmed animals and to move toward a plant-based diet - https://www.exploreveg.org/

Earth Law Center (New York): $500 - to support staff travel related to ELC's Rights of Nature work in two Mexican states - https://www.earthlawcenter.org

Friends of Animals (Connecticut): $500 - to support Friends of Animals Wildlife Law Program's continued case work on protections for threatened Utah prairie dog populations on private lands - http://www.friendsofanimals.org/

Howling for Wolves (Minnesota): $500 - to be used to support Howling for Wolves' sponsorship of the pro-wolf and pro-all wild animals "Native Roots Radio" weekly radio program - http://www.howlingforwolves.org/

Indian Land Tenure Foundation (Minnesota): $500 - to assist in the purchase and recovery of Indian Land near Bear Butte in South Dakota, a sacred site for Plains Indians - https://www.iltf.org/

Land Loss Prevention Project (North Carolina): $500 - to create a portable interactive educational exhibit highlighting a range of proactive steps available to underserved North Carolinians seeking to retain and make beneficial use of their land - https://www.landloss.org

Lower Phalen Creek Project (Minnesota): $500 - to support coordination of a full-day urban creek tour, to be attended by staff, stakeholders, and current or potential project funders to increase knowledge and visibility about the daylighting of St. Paul's Phalen Creek - https://www.lowerphalencreek.org

Monarch Butterfly Fund (Wisconsin): $500 - to purchase 5,000 seedlings from local community and school nurseries in Mexico, including pines and oyamels, to help reforest the buffer zones around the monarch butterfly reserve in Mexico - http://www.monarchbutterflyfund.org/

Nonhuman Rights Project (Florida): $500 - to help defray legal costs relating to Happy the elephant's habeas corpus case in New York's highest court, the Court of Appeals - http://www.nonhumanrightsproject.org/

Our Children's Trust (Oregon): $500 - to support expenses associated with Our Children's Trust's landmark federal lawsuit brought by 21 youth plaintiffs against the federal government related to climate change - http://www.ourchildrenstrust.org/

Project Coyote (California): $500 - to help produce two new short videos to complement the existing documentary length and social media short-length films in Project Coyote's campaign to End Wildlife Killing Contests - http://www.projectcoyote.org/

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue (Minnesota): $500 - to purchase life-saving feline and canine vaccine for rabies, feline distemper, or canine distemper for community clinics for companion animals on the Red Lake or other Minnesota Indian reservations - http://www.redlakerosie.org/

Rural Renewable Energy Alliance (Minnesota): $500 - to purchase five electronics kits for graduates of RREAL's current solar intern cohort at White Earth - https://www.rreal.org

Save the Chimps (Florida): $500 - to help support construction of a new climbing structure on one of the islands in this chimpanzee sanctuary, which provides opportunities for congregating, climbing and arboreal movement such as would be experienced in the wild - http://www.savethechimps.org/

Soul Fire Farm (New York): $500 - to help build 10+ new urban gardens and support 50+ built previously for intergenerational households in New York's Capital district through "Soul Fire in the City" with supports including crop planning, technical assistance, follow up visits, and gatherings - https://www.soulfirefarm.org

Southern Plains Land Trust (Colorado): $1,000 - for land acquisition costs related to permanent protection of 2 acres of the expanded Heartland Ranch, a property with high biodiversity value in southeast Colorado that is home to a wide variety of wildlife - http://www.southernplains.org/

Transition US (California): $500 - to help purchase two microphones to support Transition US's upcoming podcast, ReGeneration Nation, which will feature community members working on regenerative communities projects across the US - http://www.transitionus.org/

The Wild Animal Sanctuary (Colorado): $1,000 - for land acquisition costs for the new Wild Animal Refuge in Southeast Colorado, with the grant securing just over an acre of land - http://www.wildanimalsanctuary.org/

WildEarth Guardians (New Mexico): $500 - to support outreach events focused on building public support for a Nevada killing contest ban and state wildlife management reforms as well as education and outreach materials for use at the events - http://www.wildearthguardians.org/

Cottonwood Foundation is now a private foundation

As of January 1, 2013, Cottonwood Foundation has become a private foundation. This transition was made to decrease the time and energy required for fundraising and extensive communication activities.

Cottonwood Foundation's current focus giving areas include community development, environmental protection, empowering indigenous people, and respect and care for animals. We are currently only awarding grants to United States-based organizations.

To research other potential funders, please visit http://cottonwoodfdn.org/howapply.html

From 1992 through 2012, Cottonwood Foundation was a public grantmaking charity. See the final annual report at http://cottonwoodfdn.org/annualrpt.html and newsletters at http://cottonwoodfdn.org/newsletter.html for an archive of the foundation's activities during those years.

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